Series Four 06:16

Three pieces, each an explorative visual narrative into the multi-faceted discourses within bioethics. Each piece has been informed by a personal obsession with lockets in jewellery. These miniature vessels worn on the body can contain for their wearer much more than their physical size would suggest.

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Judas Kiss

Judas II: this video’s soundtrack is a collage of recordings made in my studio of a moth as it circled a lamp in my studio (Dec 2015). FEAR – ADMIRATION – ADDICTION – ATTRACTION – PITY – PAIN – LIFE – REPULSION – BETRAYAL – HOPE – TRUTH – FAKE – DEATH – ORDER – […]

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Loss V Gain no.3

Examining, exploring and dissecting the drawn line.  From these studies developing prints onto concrete surfaces.   Patterning on final work in Series 3 06:16 Printed concrete This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Loss V Gain no.2

KISS: print and pattern layered: to touch with your lips, especially as a greeting, or to press your mouth onto another person’s mouth: to gently touch something: papers found and made: used to express affection at the end of a letter (conventionally represented by the letter X): printed papers: Billiards & Snooker A slight touch of a ball against another ball: making rubbings over textured surfaces: North American A small cake, biscuit, or sweet: kiss and tell: kiss […]

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