This website is an ongoing archive of the processes explored and the artworks I have created that have been informed by the lived experiences of being with someone as they lived through the process of dying. See also my main website louiseoboyle.com

.‘Damnum v Quaestus’ or loss versus gain, demonstrates visually the continuous narrative that permeates bioethical discourses. Bioethics is not only fundamental to determining or guiding how we live and die, but its role as the key interconnecting strand in discourses between various disciplines, the public and decision makers is unique. This role fascinates me: not only how it functions, but also how it is informed, evolves and resolves continuously.


The first public exhibition of works from this series was shown at the 13th World Congress of The International Association of Bioethics World Congress – the largest gathering of bioethics thought-leaders in the world. The conference theme, “Individuals, Public Interests and Public Goods: What is the Contribution of Bioethics?” was explored by international academics, practitioners and experts in Edinburgh, Scotland from 14 – 17 June 2016.

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