Locked Inside

This piece will feature in ‘1 in 10’ exhibition at ArtisAnn Gallery, Belfast celebrating the relationship between mental health and art. Ten artists have been invited to create work for the show which opens on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 6pm and continues until Saturday 3rd December 2016. 50% of all sales from the show will go to Niamh and the Change Your Mind campaign.

‘Locked Inside’ examines the complex internal dialogues we have within ourselves. Mental ill-health can alter how we see ourselves, others and can how we navigate our pathway through life. Opening up to others and to ourselves can be extremely difficult, we can feel like we are exposing our vulnerability and fragility to the unknown. This work is purposely contained within a box frame, the cover of which can be opened by the viewer. Elements of the work are delicate and their exposure to touch etc carries risk. I wanted this work to articulate the bravery in ‘opening’ up and talking about our emotional and mental health.

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